For  Removal  of  Liquid  /  Solid  Particles  down to 1   Micron with 99.9% efficiency

Horizontal / Vertical Design

High  Performance,  Proven  Make, Coalescing  Type  Glass  Fiber  Elements  used  in Primary Section

Secondary  Section  provided  with  efficient Impingement Separators or Mist   Eliminators  to remove Coalesced   Liquid

In  horizontal  Filter  Separator  down  comers from  Primary  and  Secondary  Sections  pass liquid  to  sump  to  prevent re-entrainments

Large Liquid Collection Volumes

Equipment  provided  with  Quick  Opening Closures for quick access to Filter Elements

Provision  for  Automated  Liquid  Level Monitoring  & Liquid Removal


Packaging of Compressors for:
o Process  Gas  (Compressor  for  Petro Chemical & refinery service)
o Natural  Gas  (Booster  Compressor  for Power  Plants)
o CNG (Compressors  for Filling Station)

Gas  Booster  Compressor  Package includes  Gas  Conditioning  System, Volume  bottles,  Scrubbers,  Online  filters, Inter-Cooling,  After-Cooling  and Gas Metering Systems

Compressor  package  provided  with closed  loop  control  system  integrated  to PLC,  Vibration  monitors,  Safety  Interlocks and  other  Instrumentation  &  Control systems

               Trained  professionals  for  installation, erection  and  commissioning  of  the Compression Systems 

Effluent/Sewage Treatment/Recycling Plants

Indirect Water Bath Heaters

Gas Fired Indirect Water Bath Heaters designed in full compliance to API 12K specifications
Natural Draft Burners, directly mounted on Fire Tube. Forced Draft Burners also provided as per requirement
Precise temperature control of Water Bath
Removable Single or Twin Fire Tube Design
Removable Heating Coil for case of maintenance
Burners System complete with Pilot, Main Burner, Gas Train, Spark Igniter with Transformer provided
Flame Arrestors at Burners Air Intake and Stack Top provided
Large Heating capacity upto 5 Million K.Cal/Hr

Knockout Drums/Scrubbers

Knockout Drums

Used for Solid / Liquid Separation from Gas Stream
Removes Solid and Liquid Particle sizes greater than 10 Microns with 100% efficiency
VANE / MESH / Multi-cyclone design
Prevents re-entertainment of separated particles
Low Pressure Drops
Large Collection Volumes
Large Size Range
Provision for Automated Liquid Level Monitoring & Liquid Removal

Scrubber 1Scrubber 2