Oil & Gas Equipment

2/3 and 4 Phase Separator Systems/Skids

2 Phase3 Phase

Primary equipment for Separation of Liquid & Gas (Two Phase) or Oil, Water & Gas (Three Phase) from Oil Well Stream
Designed & Manufacture as per API 12J
Internal Inlet Impingement Baffles, Wave Baffles, Flow Straightening Baffles, Weirs, Mist Eliminators & Vortex Breakers provided for effective Separations
Equipment adequately designed to allow sufficient retention period
Controls & Instrumentation provided to accurately measure the Gas, Oil & Water Flow rates, Regulate the Pressure and Monitor the levels of Oil, Water in the Separator
Automated Liquid (Oil & Water) removal system provided
Large Size / Pressure Range
Compact, Skid Mounted System can also be provided

Gas Conditioning, Regulating and Metering System

Oil, Gas Metering 1Oil, Gas Metering 2

Ensures supply of Dry and Dust Free Gas
Generally it comprises of a 1 100% Knockout Drum & 2 100% Filter Separators together with Indirect Water Bath Heater (as per service requirement) complete with Interconnecting Piping, Valves, Instrumentations, Electrical and PLC based Control Panels for unattended & smooth operation
Separation and Removal of Liquid from the Gas Stream
Compact, well engineered skid mounted layout to facilitate easy access to all Valves, Instruments & Filter Elements
Condensate Tanks & Vent Stack also provided
Stainless Steel piping used downstream of Filter Separation System to ensure the pure gas
As per the client's requirements, Pressure Regulating & Metering System are provided as a part of the Gas Conditioning System or separately.

Pig Launchers/Receiving Traps

Supply of Scrapper (Pig) Traps with Quick Opening Closures of reputed international make
Quick Opening Closures provided with Pressure warning device and Mechanical interlock system
Traps capable of handling specific type and no. of pigs
Material of Construction is Carbon steel or Stainless steel as required including NACE specification
Flow Tees, Barred Tees, Anti-spark Pig Receiving Trays
Pig Handling System with Jib crane, etc.,
Pig Signalers Intrusive / Non-intrusive

Indirect Water Bath Heaters

Gas Fired Indirect Water Bath Heaters designed in full compliance to API 12K specifications
Natural Draft Burners, directly mounted on Fire Tube. Forced Draft Burners also provided as per requirement
Precise temperature control of Water Bath
Removable Single or Twin Fire Tube Design
Removable Heating Coil for case of maintenance
Burners System complete with Pilot, Main Burner, Gas Train, Spark Igniter with Transformer provided
Flame Arrestors at Burners Air Intake and Stack Top provided
Large Heating capacity upto 5 Million K.Cal/Hr

Knockout Drums/Scrubbers

Used for Solid / Liquid Separation from Gas Stream
Removes Solid and Liquid Particle sizes greater than 10 Microns with 100% efficiency
VANE / MESH / Multi-cyclone design
Prevents re-entertainment of separated particles
Low Pressure Drops
Large Collection Volumes
Large Size Range
Provision for Automated Liquid Level Monitoring & Liquid Removal

Storage Tanks

Storage Tanks
Design, Engineering, Procurement and Fabrication of above ground Steel Storage Tanks with complete in-house design facility for Floating, Cone & Dome Roof Tanks as per API 650
Supply includes Tank protection systems like Fire Protection, Rim Seal Fire Protection, and Cathodic Protection systems
Procurement & Supply of tank accessories like Flame Arrestors, Side Entry Mixers, Radar Gauges, Level Instruments, Heating coils & other instruments as per engineering requirement
Technical support & assistance provided by trained personnel during Erection & Commissioning

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